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My mother died when I was small and my father was killed in a car crash. This was all I knew; orphaned and left to pick up the pieces, a task made more difficult by the three women who hated me most. But then I found out about the possibility that my father’s death wasn’t an accident and the events that followed would forever shape the course of my life. Could I figure out the mystery of my father’s death, keep the growing feelings for the man helping me at bay and stay alive until midnight?

Taken; by a mad man. 

Stolen; as I ran from love.

Betrayed; by the love of my life. 

For days I didn’t know where I was or who took me, trapped in the dark with no way out. Finally, when I started to give up hope, I was able to escape. Into the arms of a man I swore I’d never speak to again. 

But now we had bigger problems; being pursued by the nameless, faceless man who took me. 

Would we figure out who he was and why he wanted me before he caught up to us or would I lose everything I didn’t know I wanted, again?

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