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One Night 

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One Night.  That was all it was supposed to be; one night for me to be someone else, someone different and let down my hair.  But one night wasn’t enough with Jackson Radcliffe and when we met again, under different circumstances, all of it a farce, I wished that our one night together never happened.  One night turned into two and then three and before I knew it I was lost in him so deeply it was hard to breathe.  How would I get through one more night, let alone a month without falling completely?


One night.  The woman I saw on the dance floor, with fiery hair and emerald eyes enraptured me so much that I broke all of my rules.  But, it was supposed to be one night of rule breaking which morphed into weeks of pretending.  I tried to keep my walls up while Liza Deveroux broke them all down.   How could one night make me wish to be a better man while my past rolled in and threatened to destroy everything I didn’t know I wanted or needed? 

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