The One Series 

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One Night

It was supposed to be just one night but fate had other plans for Jackson Radcliffe and me, despite everything that threatened to tear us apart.

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One Song

I was on a path to success and running the company I was groomed to run until Rhys broke down my indestructible walls and turned my whole life upside down.

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One Chance

Henry was the first person I trusted to help me heal from my mother’s death, but would we waste our one chance at love because our past demons were too hard to overcome?

Rekindled A Holiday Romance - Victoria J


A Holiday Romance

Bianca stayed far away from Gandy’s Ridge to protect her heart, but was rekindling an old flame enough to make her stay?


Gandy's Ridge Series
Slow Burn

Had several years apart healed the wounds that Thatcher gave me over and over, or was he just an old flame ready to burn me slowly until there was nothing left but ash


Coming soon...

The Midnight Duet
Until Midnight

Could I figure out the mystery of my father’s death, keep the growing feelings for the man helping me at bay and stay alive until midnight?

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